Fruit as a result of pollinators

Two-thirds of crop species in cultivation today rely on pollinators

A major issue for all of the world’s developing countries today, and especially in sub-Saharan Africa, is that of increased and sustainable food production. With the world’s population now at 7 billion (and growing), this is an issue of great concern and one that affects many aspects of conservation and the environment. Hunger, primarily due … Read more

Moth Week…

Dear All I recently participated in National Moth Week, which is a fantastic initiative to get people more interested in insects and the world around them. To learn more about National Moth Week and see fabulous pictures of moths from around the world, please visit this site: To look at moths in Turkana this … Read more

Turkana Bees

Dear All Greetings – have been travelling with limited email access (and time!). A few weeks ago I was in northern Kenya at the Turkana Basin Institute looking at bees. A yellow-flowered legume, Crotolaria, was blooming in one site near the river and it was covered in some of the most amazing bees… Here are … Read more