A fortune teller?

This morning we were blessed with rain. Just before dawn the skies poured down on the plains. What a relief to wake to drops dripping from everything – leaves washed fresh and birds singing with renewed energy. As I waited by some flowers for a bee to appear, I felt something tickling the palm of my hand. I lifted up my hand and crawling about on it was a delightful little praying mantid nymph. He ambled about the palm of my hand completely oblivious to me as if he was scrutinizing the lines like a miniature wizened fortune-teller. As you can see from the pictures below, young mantids start out life as perfect little miniature hunters exquisitely formed for hunting. This little fellow was very obliging and perched patiently on my fingers as I took his picture. Many thanks to Dana for the comments – will do a post soon with some tips on insect photography – and I am no expert – just a lucky amateur! mantid-handlr1.jpgmanitd-handlr2.jpgmantind-fingerlr1.jpg 

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  1. Dino, your blog with the photos are so interesting. I’ll have to give my ‘macro’ button a go the next time I am out and about in Kenya this September. :>)


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