Here are some of the ants that live on the ant-acacia trees in the Kerio Valley. First here’s a portrait of an acacia tree…  acacia-seyal-treelr2.jpg  The main ants that tend the trees are known as ‘cocktail ants’ (Crematogaster spp.) because the raise their abdomens into the air when alarmed. Here are a few of them have a tete-a-tete… crematogaster-seyallr2.jpg   Many of the cocktail ants are brightly coloured, like this one who is red-and-black….   crematogaster-seyal-kvlr1.jpg  There are lots of other species of ants on the trees. Some don’t actually live on the tree but visit it – scurrying up and down the trunk. In order to photograph these flighty creatures I put out a few drops of diluted honey. They soon found the sweet treat and settled down to drink. camponot-crema-kvlr1.jpg They were not the only sugar lovers around – a number of flies also stopped by the droplet for a drink too! On the whole most of the ants and flies were happy to share the unexpected treat – there were a few minor scuffles, but none of these resulted in anyone being hurt… dipt-crematogaster-seyallr2.jpg   crematogastertoid-seyallr1.jpg  More on the ants and other cool bugs from the Kerio Valley soon!

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  1. Love the new home page photos and the shots of the ant are amazing. Seeing the photo of the fly really puts the size of the ant in perspective.


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