Dear All – thanks for your kind comments and reading of this blog over the past year and look forward to sharing more about the world of insects in 2010. Here is a sketch of some thorns that ants live in on the whistling thorn acacia. These are from my recent trip to Laikipia north of Mt Kenya. One particular tree had these silvery and black variegated thorns… They are so lovely I thought this is an apt time to share them – Mother Nature’s natural xmas decorations…More from the world of bugs soon! Asante!acacia-drep-thorns-lr1.jpg

4 thoughts on “Asante!”

  1. I was happy to see a blog for insects, (inverts) on this WEB site.

    Was in Namibia in 2002 when I chanced in the museum of Nat history in Windhoek and a fellow down the hall showed me the new order of insect from the mountains to the north!

    We are so dependant on other life, and we don’t even know it.

    We should be more like you and like Rachael Carson, who as my friend, Walkin’ Jim sings, “She loved all of life. from the birds on the wing to the insects down below.”

    Thanks, and best wishes,

    John Roberts of Virginia


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