Blog Action Day – Climate Change!

Dear All – thanks for the kind comments – only just saw them!


Will post a link to the BBC piece asap.


On a separate note, today is Blog Action Day and the topic of focus is climate change. As I write this it is raining outside (unusual that its before 7 am) and this is the first real rain we have had this year! It last drizzled here on the 24th of July – so we’ve had almost three months with NO rain at all. Livestock and wildlife are suffering all around, as are people, who depend on the grasslands and rivers for survival.



Insects are just one group of creatures that are deeply affected by climate change – butterflies and bees get confused about when to forage or leave their hives, and are more susceptible to diseases and parasites when stressed by unusual weather patterns…


For more information on this global event, please look at



More from the world of bugs soon!

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