Celebrating Pollinators: Pollinator Conservation Handbook Launched!

Dear All Many greetings. Am very pleased to share with you a book featuring and celebrating pollinator diversity in East Africa. You can download the book through link by clicking on the cover image below:   To whet your appetite here’s a sneak preview of some of the pages from the book:   You can … Read more

Moth Week…

Dear All I recently participated in National Moth Week, which is a fantastic initiative to get people more interested in insects and the world around them. To learn more about National Moth Week and see fabulous pictures of moths from around the world, please visit this site: http://nationalmothweek.org To look at moths in Turkana this … Read more

Pollinators hard at work!

Pollinators hard at work!   “One in three bites of food can be attributed to a pollinator”. This statement is often quoted by biologists around the world when talking about pollinators and their importance to our lives.   In Africa pollinators are primarily wild insects that travel between farms and natural habitat, and are extremely … Read more


Hello – sorry for not posting more often. Have mid-term exams coming up this week! I’ve been wanting to run a series about pollinators. This is the first of them. Pollinators, many of them insects, are one of the most under-appreciated groups of useful creatures in the world. Like the dung beetles they are toiling … Read more