Hello – was just in Tanzania where early rains have transformed parts of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro into lush green pastures and meadows of wildflowers. Here is just one of them – perhaps one of our loveliest flowers – and aptly, being pollinated by equally gorgeous butterflies… gloriosa-superba-lr1.jpggloriosa-lycaenid-lr1.jpg  

4 thoughts on “Gloriosa…”

  1. Hi Brenton
    Thanks for your comments. The gloriosa or Flame Lily as it is also called is in the ‘superfamily’ Lilliflorae and in the Family Colchicacea. The latin/scientific name also honours the flowers’ beauty, it is: Gloriosa superba

    • Hi – Thanks for your comment – the butterfly hiding on the Flame Lily is a Lycaenid – Axiocerses – the Eastern Scarlet


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