Hello – sorry for not posting more often. Have mid-term exams coming up this week! I’ve been wanting to run a series about pollinators. This is the first of them. Pollinators, many of them insects, are one of the most under-appreciated groups of useful creatures in the world. Like the dung beetles they are toiling daily for us, but we mostly overlook them. To start off, here are just a few pictures of some gorgeous insect pollinators – hawmoths. These remarkable insects are fast-flying creatures that hover between flowers feeding on nectar with their long tongues (the proboscis) which can be coiled and uncoiled like a muscular spring. And as you enjoy them, please keep in mind this “One in three bites of food is thanks to a pollinator…”basiothia-lantanlr3.jpgagrius-datura-lr6.jpgnephele-carissalr2.jpgbasiotha-carissalr2.jpgleucostrph-qnightlr1.jpg 

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  1. Absolutely first class pics Dino & great images for the dung beetles too: they are very busy in the Sanctuary now, though it is worryingly dry…..


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