More Kerio Valley bugs

There were a lot of ants scurrying about on other vegetation as well as the ant-acacias. This was one of the more striking species – wearing a fringing tutu of golden hairs! camponotus-keriovlr1.jpgWhile fiddling with the camera I noticed a very STRANGE creature moving about on some herbs. A closer look revealed that it was a bizarre and wonderful Stalk-Eyed Fly. This group of flies incredibly have their eyes on the ends of long stalks! They are considered a fine example of sexual selection –  where females are choosing  mates based on the length of their stalks. The males sometimes go ‘eye-to-eye’ pushing each other back and forth like two sparring bulls.  stalk-eyed-flylr1.jpg  Later in the late hot afternoon as I sat in the sparse shade of an acacia I noticed a piece of dirt moving. On closer inspection it turned out to have eyes and legs – can you spot it in the picture below?  hopper-kv-lr1.jpg A close look revelaed that it was a brilliantly camouflaged grasshopper… hopper-kv-lr2.jpg As I watched him, another grasshopper leapt out of a nearby clump and landed on the ground next to me. He wiggled his antennae at me as if to say “What about me – I’d like my picture taken too!” Of course, I obliged… hopper-kv-lr3.jpg After I took the picture he hopped back into the grass where he was much better concealed. More from the world of insects soon – thanks to everyone for the kind comments. 

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  1. Dino, How marvelous. I continue to be fascinated by your posts – and brilliant photography. I am soaking in this info like nothing i have ever done. Some day you have to take me for a dudu walk. When I first went to Steve Turner’s place in Tsavo, insects used to freak me out, but after spending several months there, they started to fascinate me. I even kept bees, remember? Then I read Edward O Wilson’s books and I think I now love insect.

    Keep posting these brilliant entries. I am enjoying them.


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